Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Sara Knapp

Post by Sara Knapp, Executive Coach

Ah! The question that makes most people squirm! Everyone needs a vision, a direction, a goal to work towards. 

The most successful people have them clearly defined and in writing. But many of us resist doing it, and what we resist is what persists.

So what if, instead of naming a specific title, role or organization, you described the attributes of the work you'd like to be doing? By attributes I mean things like: working outdoors; managing three-to-five people; learning sales skills; travelling to Europe; walking to work; or earning double what you do now. 

Whatever it is that really makes you come alive, name it. Write it down. And refer to it often. Make sure there are some stretches in there also, as this is about setting goals. Just watch. Now that you know what these attributes are and have given them names, they’ll begin to come to life. 

You’ll start to see opportunities that you didn't before, many that you never would have considered back when you were trying to define your path in terms of job titles or roles. They were probably always there, but your mind wasn’t primed to notice them. 

That’s the beauty and the power of defining success by what makes us happy and matters most. Give it a try. See what happens.