Time for a new employer?

Sara Knapp

Post by Sara Knapp, Executive Coach

Square pegs don't fit into round holes. At least, not easily or without significant pressure and pain. 

So why do so many square-peg people try to jam themselves into round-hole organizations? Perhaps it’s because they believe there are no square-peg places. Or that they should be a round-hole peg, and would become one if they just worked a bit harder. Maybe they've become so numb to the pain of forcing themselves to be something they’re not that they've forgotten who they really are. Or, maybe it’s the saddest reason of all: that they have a definition of success that doesn't put a priority personal happiness. 

For a few, the reason—at least in the short term—is necessity. But far too many people hide behind this excuse without challenging its truth or creating alternatives for themselves. If this sounds like you, then give yourself a gift this year.

Find or create the right fit for you. Figure out what that would look like, feel like, and where it might be. If it doesn’t exist, start thinking about how to create it. See what becomes possible when you stop cramming your square-peg self into a round hole conceived for someone else’s comfort, happiness and success.