Getting Out of Your Own Way

Sara Knapp

Post by Sara Knapp, Executive Coach

The human mind has an enormous capacity to self-sabotage. Each of us has a voice in our head – a narrator – who talks to us all day, every day. 

Don't believe me? Just stop for a moment and listen. That voice is worth paying attention to. Not because it’s particularly kind. Oh, it can be. But it also has a dark side. And if you're feeling stuck, it’s likely that the dark side is getting too much airtime. 

At its worst, that voice knows your vulnerabilities and uses them to keep you stuck. It tells you you're not ready. That you're not good enough. Or that you don't deserve it. The bully you never want to run into may be living in your own head! 

So why listen? Precisely so you’ll know that it’s there and that it’s running you, whether you realize it or not. You can't change what you’re not aware of. So the most important step is to notice. And if you don't like what you're hearing, change the channel. 

How? One of the best ways is to challenge what you’re hearing with, "How do you know?” “Who says?” “What else could be true?” Or, my personal favourite: "Oh yeah? Just watch me!" 

If you're diligent in doing so, and honest in your answers, over time you will overpower your “inner bully”. And replace it with the kinder, gentler and supportive friend you deserve.