Supporting the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation


Tetley Canada is a Proud Supporter of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

Tetley is proud to support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, a disease that impacts multiple individuals and communities across Canada. Being a supporter of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is our way of providing a little warmth for the many Canadians and their families affected by breast cancer. 

About the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

For over 25 years, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation has been at the forefront of a nation-wide movement to raise awareness and mobilize action on breast cancer. Today, the Foundation is the leading organization in Canada dedicated to creating a future without breast cancer. Since 1986, the Foundation has invested over $274 million to fund vital research and community health grants that have led progress in breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care.

Learn about Breast Health and Breast Cancer

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation encourages Canadians to learn more about breast health, reducing your risk and making healthy choices. Spread the word. Make an impact today.

Breast Health

Breast health is an important part of an individual's overall health and well-being. Being breast healthy means being breast aware which includes, knowing about breast cancer risk factors; knowing proactive ways to help reduce your personal risk and being informed about screenings for earlier detection. These are important aspects of preventive health care.

Make Healthy Choices

  • While there is no known way to prevent breast cancer, you can reduce your risk and live a healthier life:
  • Eat a balanced diet – check out Canada’s Food Guide.
  • Get active. Stay active!
  • Limit alcohol to one drink or less per day.
  • Do not smoke – and try to avoid second-hand smoke.

Show Your Support

Tetley has contributed over $400,000 to the Foundation since 2001. Your purchase of Tetley products help us support the Foundation's funding of relevant breast cancer research, education and awareness programs. Find out more at