Red Tea / Rooibos

Celebrate the authentic taste of Tetley Red Tea, also known as rooibos (Roy-boss). Rich and full-bodied, yet uniquely soothing, it is naturally caffeine-free and made of 100% pure and natural rooibos. With a nutty sweet taste, the natural goodness of Red Tea is unlike any tea you've ever experienced.

Rooibos/Red Tea by Tetley

Tetley Rooibos

With every cup of Tetley Red Tea, you discover new and different aromas. From sweet and nutty to rich and earthy, every sip is unique.

Available in 40s

Ingredients: Red Tea (Rooibos)

Rooibos Vanilla Tea by Tetley

Tetley Rooibos Vanilla

The rich and full-bodied flavour of Red Tea is perfectly matched with a touch of sweet vanilla. The combination is both soothing and vibrant.

Available in 20s

Ingredients: Red Tea (Rooibos), Natural Flavour, Natural Extract