Blending Expertise

We have always ensured that great taste is at the soul of all our blends. For the past 175 years, we have sourced the highest quality teas from around the world, and we believe that our blending expertise is second to none.

Tea is often sold at auction where we have expert buyers and tasters present to assess the quality and select only the best for our Tetley blends.

It’s our blenders job to create consistent tasting blends from different regional teas, with tastings occurring at every step of the buying and blending process. Combined, our tasters have around 1,000 years’ worth of experience and are based in seven countries around the world!

Over the years, Tetley has developed its own tea tasting language called “Uhuru” – a global language that allows Tetley tasters and blenders to describe and grade the quality of teas.

In addition to our many black and green tea offerings, Tetley’s expert tasters have also curated a wide variety of herbal teas to suit any occasion. Our herbal teas encompass the most aromatic and flavourful tastes in nature. Roots, leaves, seeds, flowers, spices, berries and herbs—in masterful combinations—create fragrant and refreshing elixirs that we are proud to call Tetley. Since they contain no leaves from the Camellia Sinensis (“tea”) plant, our herbal blends are teas in name only and contain no caffeine. Pick up our herbal teas to discover a whole new world of Tetley goodness!

Sebastian Michaelis

Watch here to find out why Sebastian Michaelis, Tetley’s very own tea blender, had his taste buds insured for £1 million.